Vermont-NEA Aspiring Educators

Vermont-NEA Aspiring Educators is open to any aspiring educator in a Vermont college.  With the support of thousands of Vermont-NEA members, our Aspiring Educator Program will help link the learning from the college campus to the role in the public school classroom.  

Vermont Aspiring Educators are part of one Vermont "Chapter" as well as a smaller "Campus."  Whether engaging in the Vermont Chapter or Campus activities, Vermont Aspiring Educators are supported in developing skills to be profession-ready through professional learning, student advocacy and outreach, and leadership training.  

Vermont Aspiring Educators are also connected to Aspiring Educators in New England and the United States.  A regional conference in October, 2019 as well as an opportunity to attend to the NEA Aspiring Educator Conference in Atlanta in June, 2020, and many online social connections, allows Aspiring Educators to engage in conversations with other students, as well as educational experts, to learn beyond their campuses.  

Next Meeting (Virtual):  January 26, 2020 @ 8pm.  Zoom Link:

To join the Vermont Aspiring Educators, click here.  

Vermont AspiringEducator Chair:  Shaye McHatten, Champlain College

Castleton University Campus Leads:  Sammy MacEachron and Aliyah Edmonds

Champlain College Campus Leads:  Angela Richard (Fall) / Kyra Cain (Spring) and Alysha Alling

UVM Campus Leads:  Moriah Covey and Eliza Haney

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