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School Funding

Educators, parents, and communities are uniting for better school funding for our students.
A teacher sits on a yellow chair reading to her kindergarten class.

No matter where we live or what we believe, we all want our children to succeed. But many students are denied opportunities because their schools and communities are underfunded and under-resourced. 

Greedy politicians deny our students and schools resources so that they can pay for tax breaks for their corporate donors. Then, they cut funding even more or promote voucher schemes when students don’t meet their expectations.  

We’re coming together so that all our students, of every race and every place, have the funding they need to learn without limits and unlock their dreams

VT-NEA President Don Tinney speaks into a microphone.
Every school must be a sanctuary for every student. And the way we achieve that is by strengthening our public education system and strengthening the educator voice within that system.
Quote by: Don Tinney, VT-NEA President
An educator stands with a sign that says, "A Pension is a Promise. Do the right thing!"

Ready to stand up for public schools?

Learn more about the issues and policies that impact public education, then take action to support students.

The Union of Vermont Educators

The Vermont-National Education Association is the union of Vermont educators, 13,000 professionals who teach the state's children every day. As the state's largest union, Vermont-NEA is proud to represent the people who make a difference in the lives of students in classrooms across Vermont.