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Section 1: Purpose: The purpose of Vermont-National Education Association shall be to promote the educational welfare of the State of Vermont and all individuals therein; to promote professional excellence in and among educators; to promote recognition of the importance of the teacher in the learning process; to promote professional autonomy; to promote recognition of the importance of support personnel in the school community; to promote the exercise of employee collective bargaining rights and privileges, as set forth in federal and state labor relations enactments; to organize and to represent employees in the exercise of their employment and collective bargaining rights and privileges; to unite educators for effective citizenship; to promote and to protect human and civil rights; to promote the safety of students and school employees in school; and to carry out any and all other lawful purposes.
Click the link below for the complete Vermont-NEA bylaws.

The Union of Vermont Educators

The Vermont-National Education Association is the union of Vermont educators, 13,000 professionals who teach the state's children every day. As the state's largest union, Vermont-NEA is proud to represent the people who make a difference in the lives of students in classrooms across Vermont.