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List of Locals

Vermont-NEA local associations, organized by UniServ district.
Addison-Rutland District: Area 1
Addison Central Unified School District & Patricia A. Hannaford Career Center

Addison Central Education Association

  Bingham Memorial (Cornwall)

  Bridport Central

  Ripton Elementary

  Salisbury Community

  Shoreham Elementary

  Weybridge Elementary

  Mary Hogan Elementary

  Middlebury Union Middle School

  Middlebury Union High

  Patricia A. Hannaford Career Center

Addison Northwest Unified School District

Addison Northwest Support Staff Association

  Addison Central

  Ferrisburgh Central

  Vergennes Union Elementary

  Vergennes Union High

Addison Northwest Teachers’ Association

  Addison Central  

  Ferrisburgh Central

  Vergennes Union Elementary

  Vergennes Union High

Slate Valley Unified Union School District

 Slate Valley Education Association

  Castleton Elementary

  Castleton Village School

  Benson Village

  Fair Haven Grade School

  Fair Haven Union High

  Orwell Village

Mount Abraham Unified School District

Mount Abraham Education Association

  Beeman Elementary (New Haven)

  Bristol Elementary

  Lincoln Community

  Monkton Central

  Mt Abraham Union High

  Robinson Elementary

Addison-Rutland District: Area 2                              
Greater Rutland County Supervisory Union

Greater Rutland County Education Association

  Middletown Springs Elementary

  Poultney Elementary

  Poultney High

  Proctor Elementary

  Proctor Jr./Sr. High

  Rutland Town

  Wells Village

  West Rutland   

Rutland City School District

Rutland Education Association

  Allen Street Campus

  Northeast Primary  

  Northwest Elementary

  Rutland Intermediate

  Rutland Middle

  Rutland Senior High

  Rutland City District

  Stafford Tech Center

Rutland Northeast Supervisory Union

Rutland Northeast Education Association

  Barstow Memorial (Chittenden)

  Leicester Central

  Lothrop School (Pittsford)

  Neshobe School (Brandon)

  Otter Valley Union High

  Rutland Northeast S U

  Sudbury Country

  Whiting Village

Rutland Northeast Para-Educator &
Bus Drivers Union

  Leicester Central

  Lothrop School (Pittsford)

  Neshobe School (Brandon)

  Otter Valley Union High

  Rutland Northeast S U

  Sudbury Country

  Whiting Village

Mill River Unified Union School District

Mill River Unified Education Association

 Clarendon Elementary

 Mill River Jr/Sr. High 

 Shrewsbury Elementary

 Tinmouth Elementary

 Wallingford Elementary

Central Vermont District: Area 1  
Barre Unified Union School District

Barre Educators Association

  Barre City Elementary/Middle

  Barre Town Middle/Elementary 

  Central Vermont Career Center

  Spaulding High 

Harwood Unified Union School District 

Harwood Unified Education Association

  Brookside Primary

  Crossett Brook Middle

  Fayston Elementary

  Harwood Union High

  Moretown Elementary

  Waitsfield Elementary

  Warren Elementary

Montpelier-Roxbury School District

Montpelier-Roxbury Education Association (teachers only)

  Main St Middle

  Montpelier High

  Union Elementary

  Roxbury Village

Montpelier Roxbury Educational Support Staff Association  

  Main St Middle

  Montpelier High

  Union Elementary

  Roxbury Village

Central Vermont District: Area 2
Caledonia Central Supervisory Union

Cabot Teachers Association (teachers only)

  Cabot School

Caledonia Central Education Association

  Barnet Elementary

  Cabot School - ESP

  Danville Elementary

  Peacham Elementary

  Walden Elementary

  Waterford Elementary

  Twinfield Union

Central Vermont Supervisory Union 

Central Vermont Education Association

  Northfield Elementary

  Northfield Middle/High

  Orange Center

  Washington Village

  Williamstown Elementary

  Williamstown Middle/High

Orange Southwest Unified Union School District

Orange Southwest Education Association

  Braintree Elementary

  Brookfield Elementary

  Randolph Elementary

  Randolph Union High

Washington Central Unified Union School District

Washington Central Educators Association

  Berlin Elementary

  Calais Elementary

  Doty Memorial (Worcester)

  East Montpelier Elementary

  Rumney Memorial (Middlesex)

  U-32 Middle/High

Chittenden District: Area 1   
Howard Center

Baird Education Association

  Baird School Howard Center                        

Burlington School District

Burlington Education Association

  Burlington Senior High

  Burlington Technical Center

  Champlain Elementary

  CP Smith Elementary

  Early Education 

  Edmunds Elementary

  Edmunds Middle


  Integrated Arts Academy at HO Wheeler

  JJ Flynn Elementary

  Lyman C Hunt Middle  

  Sustainability Academy at Barnes

Northeastern Family Institute

Centerpoint School

  Centerpoint Education Association

Colchester School District

Colchester Education Association

  Colchester Middle

  Colchester High

  Malletts Bay Elementary

  Porters Point Elementary

  Union Memorial Elementary

Winooski School District

Winooski Education Association

  JF Kennedy Elementary

  Winooski Middle

  Winooski High

Chittenden District: Area 2 
Champlain Valley School District

Champlain Valley Education Association

  Allen Brook

  Champlain Valley Union High

  Charlotte Central

  Hinesburg Community

  Shelburne Community

  Williston Central

Mount Mansfield Unified Union School District

Green Mountain-NEA

  Brewster Pierce Elementary

  Browns River Middle

  Camels Hump Middle  

  Jericho Elementary

  Mt. Mansfield Union High School

  Mt. Mansfield Unified Union SD

  Richmond Elementary

  Smilie Memorial 

  Underhill Central

South Burlington School District

South Burlington Educators’ Association

  Chamberlin Elementary

  Fred Tuttle Middle

  Orchard Elementary

  Rick Marcotte Central

  South Burlington High

Chittenden District: Area 3                       
Essex Westford Unified Union School District                                                                  

Essex Westford Education Association                                                      

  Albert D Lawton

  Center for Technology, Essex

  Essex Elementary                                                                         

  Essex Middle                                                                                 

  Essex High

  Founders Memorial                                                                      


  Summit Street

  The Edge Academy 

  Thomas Fleming                                                                         

  Westford Elementary                                                                 

Milton School District

Milton Education and Support Association

  Milton Elementary

  Milton Middle

  Milton High

Northeast Kingdom District: Area 1     
Kingdom East School District

Kingdom East Education Association


  Caledonia North SU

  Concord Graded & High

  Lunenburg & Gilman

  Lyndon Town

  Millers Run

  Newark Street

  Sutton Village

St. Johnsbury School District

St. Johnsbury Education Association

  St. Johnsbury School

Northeast Kingdom District: Area 2                         
Essex North Supervisory Union

Essex North Education Association

  Canaan Elementary

  Canaan Memorial High

North Country Supervisory Union

Northeast Kingdom Education Association

   Brighton Elementary (Island Pond)

   Charleston Elementary

   Coventry Village

   Derby Elementary

   Holland Elementary

   Jay/Westfield Joint

   Lowell Graded

   Newport City

   Newport Town

   North Country Union Junior High

   North Country Union Senior High

   North Country Career Center


Orleans Central Supervisory Union

Orleans Central Education Association

  Albany Community

  Barton Graded

  Brownington Central

  Glover Community

  Irasburg Village

  Lake Region Union High


Northwestern Vermont District: Area 1 
Franklin West Supervisory Union

 Franklin West Education Association

   Bellows Free Academy (Fairfax)

   Fletcher Elementary

   Georgia Elementary and Middle

Lamoille North Unified Union School District

Lamoille North Unified Education Association

  Cambridge Elementary

  Eden Central

  Hyde Park


  Lamoille Union Middle/High 


Lamoille South Supervisory Union

Lamoille South Educators’ Association (teachers only)



  Peoples Academy

  Stowe Elementary

  Stowe Middle/High

Orleans Southwest Supervisory Union

Orleans Southwest Education Association    

  Craftsbury Academy

  Craftsbury Elementary 

  Hardwick Elementary

  Hazen Union High 

  Lakeview Union  

  Orleans Southwest SU   

  Wolcott Elementary

  Woodbury Elementary

Northwestern Vermont District: Area 2
Franklin Northeast Supervisory Union

Cold Hollow Education Association                           

  Bakersfield Elementary                                                   

  Berkshire Elementary                                                      

  Cold Hollow Career Center                                              

  Enosburg Falls Elementary                                              

  Enosburg Falls Middle/High                                 



  Richford Junior/Senior High 

  Sheldon Elementary                                         

Missisquoi Valley School District

Franklin Northwest - NEA

  Franklin Elementary


  Mary S. Babcock Elementary

  Missisquoi Valley Union High

  Swanton Central

Grand Isle Supervisory Union

Grand Isle Supervisory Union - NEA

  Alburg Community

  Folsom Education and Community Center

  Grand Isle

  North Hero

Maple Run Unified Union School District

Maple Run Education Association

  Bellows Free Academy Union (St. Albans)

  Fairfield Center

  St. Albans City Elementary

  Northwest Technical Center

  St. Albans Town Education Center

Southern Vermont District: Area 1
Windham Central Supervisory Union

Windham Central Education Association


  Jamaica Village

  Leland and Gray Union High


  NewBrook (Newfane)




Windham Southeast Supervisory Union

Windham Southeast Education Association

  Academy (Brattleboro)

  Brattleboro Area Middle

  Brattleboro Union High


  Green Street (Brattleboro)

  Guilford Central

  Oak Grove (Brattleboro)

  Putney Central

  Vernon Elementary

  Windham Regional Career Center

Windham Southwest Supervisory Union

Windham Southwest Education Association

  Halifax School

  Readsboro Elementary

  Stamford Elementary

  Twin Valley Elementary

  Twin Valley Middle/High

Windham Southwest School Staff Association

  Twin Valley Elementary

  Twin Valley Middle/High

Southern Vermont District: Area 2                  
Burr and Burton Academy (Manchester)

Burr & Burton Academy Teachers’ Association

  Burr & Burton Academy

Bennington-Rutland Supervisory Union

Mettawee Education Association (teachers only)

  Mettawee Community (West Pawlet)

Taconic and Green Teachers’ Association

  Bennington-Rutland SU  

  Currier Memorial Union (Danby)

  Manchester Elementary & Middle School


  Flood Brook Elementary

  Sunderland Elementary

Taconic and Green Staff Association

  Manchester Elementary & Middle

  Flood Brook Elementary

  Mettawee Community (West Pawlet)

Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union

Arlington Education Association

  Arlington Memorial High

  Fisher School

Arlington Staff Association

 Arlington Memorial High

 Fisher School

Southwestern Vermont Education Association (teachers only)

  Bennington Elementary

  Molly Stark (Bennington)

  Monument (Bennington)

  Mt. Anthony High

  Mt Anthony Middle



  Southwest Regional Technical Center

Southwestern Vermont Education Association – ESP Unit

  Bennington Elementary

  Molly Stark (Bennington)

  Monument (Bennington)

  Mt Anthony High

  Mt Anthony Middle

  Pownal Elementary

  Shaftsbury Elementary

  Southwest Regional Technical Center

Southern Vermont District: Area 3
Springfield School District

Springfield School Staff Association

  Elm Hill (Springfield)

  Riverside Middle (Springfield)

  River Valley Technical Center

  Springfield High

  Union Street (Springfield)

Springfield Teachers’ Association

  Elm Hill (Springfield)

  Riverside Middle (Springfield)

  River Valley Technical Center

  Springfield High

  Union Street (Springfield)

Two Rivers Supervisory Union

Ludlow-Mount Holly Education Association

  Black River Union High (Ludlow)

  Ludlow Elementary

  Mt. Holly Elementary

Two Rivers Southeast Education Association

  Cavendish Town Elementary

  Chester-Andover Union

  Green Mountain Union High

Green Mountain Staff Association

  Cavendish Town Elementary

  Chester-Andover Union

  Green Mountain Union High

Windham Northeast Supervisory Union

Windham Northeast Education Association

  Athens / Grafton

  Bellows Falls Middle

  Bellows Falls Union High

  Central Elementary

  Saxtons River

  Westminister Schools

Upper Valley District: Area 1                 
Thetford Academy

Thetford Academy Education Association                

  Thetford Academy

Norwich School District

Norwich Education Association

  Marion Cross (Norwich)

Hartford School District

Hartford Education Association

  Dothan Brook (White River Junction)

  Hartford High

  Hartford Memorial Middle

  Ottauquechee (Quechee)

  White River

  Hartford Area Career and Technical Center

Orange East Supervisory Union

Blue Mountain Education Association

  Blue Mountain Union (Wells River)

Orange East Education Association

  Bradford Elementary

  Newbury Elementary

  Orange East SU

  Oxbow Union High

  Thetford Elementary

  Waits River Elementary

  River Bend Career and Technical Center

Rivendell Interstate School District

Rivendell Education Association

  Rivendell Academy

  Samuel Morey Elementary


Upper Valley District: Area 2                    
Windsor Central Supervisory Union

Windsor Central Education Association                                     

  Barnard Academy

  Reading Elementary

  Windsor Central SU

  Woodstock Elementary

  Woodstock Union Middle/High

Windsor Southeast Supervisory Union

Hartland Education Association

  Hartland Elementary

Weathersfield Education Association

  Weathersfield School

Windsor Southeast Education Association

  Albert Bridge (Brownsville) 

  Windsor High

  Windsor State Street

  Windsor Southeast SU

White River Valley Supervisory Union

White River Valley Education Association

  Bethel Elementary


  Newton Elementary


  Sharon Elementary

  South Royalton Elementary

  Stockbridge Central

  Tunbridge Central

  White River Valley School (Bethel)

  White River Valley School (Royalton)

  White River Valley SU



The Union of Vermont Educators

The Vermont-National Education Association is the union of Vermont educators, 13,000 professionals who teach the state's children every day. As the state's largest union, Vermont-NEA is proud to represent the people who make a difference in the lives of students in classrooms across Vermont.