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Open Windows, Open Minds Workshop

Vermont-NEA is excited to host Afrika Afeni Mills for this one-day workshop on Thursday, April 4th at the Delta Hotel in South Burlington. Afrika Afeni Mills, is the author of Open Windows, Open Minds: Developing Antiracist, Pro-Human Students, as well as the viral blog post, A Letter to White Teachers of My Black Children.
Afrika Afeni Mills

Click here to be directed to the Open Windows, Open Minds Workshop registration website.  

Reflect on your own racial experiences and the impact that racialization has had on your instructional practices as a way to foster your understanding of students' historical, cultural, and societal contexts. Gain instructional skills that will support the development of students as informed, empathetic, inclusive, racially, and historically literate global citizens who value diversity and actively engage in interrupting inequities.


Opening Windows and Minds: April 4, 2024


The Union of Vermont Educators

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