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How to Become a Teacher - A School Me Series

In this podcast series, we explore the steps required to become a teacher and gather advice from seasoned educators to ease the journey for Aspiring Educators.
Published: October 2021 Last Updated: November 2022
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"How to Become a Teacher" is a mini-series within NEA's School Me Podcast that taps the expertise of early career and seasoned educators to help Aspiring Educators and those considering a career in education feel prepared for the journey to the classroom. Here you will find links to recommended resources from each episode to help you dig deeper into the content.

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Episode 1: Licensure

Becoming a teacher of record requires more than just an education degree or good grades. There are often multiple standardized tests you need to pass. And it's different in every state—from the minimum scores required for licensure to the types of tests themselves. Our panel of guests discuss the licensure process for education majors, share their own experiences becoming licensed, and shed light on some of the problems standardized licensure testing can create for Aspiring Educators.

Featured Licensure Resources

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Profession-Ready Teachers

What is a “profession-ready” teacher? And what knowledge must a teacher candidate master to be considered profession-ready? Learn more by downloading this guide.

Webinar: Preparing to Take a Praxis® Test

Hosted by ETS, this webinar can help you prepare for your exam. Note: This links to an external site.

Khan Academy - Official Praxis® Core Prep

Recommended by our panelists, Khan Academy offers a free Praxis prep course, developed in collaboration with the makers of the Praxis Core test. Note: This links to an external site.
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Praxis Blended Learning Courses

NEA Teacher Quality has launched Praxis Blended Learning sessions to assist potential and aspiring educators study for Praxis Core (and some content) exams. Register by November 29, 2021.

Episode 2: Student Teaching

Your time as a student teacher is your best and last chance to get real classroom experience before you take control of your very own classroom, so it’s one of the most important parts of your teacher training. Everyone’s experience is unique, but we want to give you an idea of what to expect: green flags, red flags, and tips to help make the most of your internship time. Our 3 guests are here to help demystify the student teaching process and give you insider advice that will help you make the most out of your internship.

Episode 3: My Path to the Classroom

Everyone's path to teaching looks a little different. Aspiring educator Dajsha Williams and first-year educator Dylan Toth share every step of their journey toward becoming a teacher, from their childhoods to their first day at the head of the classroom.

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