National Board Certification 2020-2021

New Candidates - 2020-2021 School Year: 

This year, new candidates will be completing Component 1 (Assessment Exercises) and Component 4 (Effective and Reflective Practitioner - Portfolio Entry).  Component 4 provides an opportunity for Candidates to examine and refine their assessment practices and does not require a video, which might be challenging during this school year.  All the information, including registration form, pre-work prior to the first class, and the class Zoom link can be found here. 

Continuing Candidates:

Due to the remote learning last spring, many candidates decided to submit their components in May of 2021 instead of May 2020. National Board was very flexible and accomodating to candidates.  Candidates who are continuing will be meeting on Tuesday nights (one per month) as a check in.  Also, any candidate wishing to meet with Julie Longchamp for a 1:1 meeting, please email her to schedule a time and date at [email protected] 

Renewal or "Maintenance of Certification" Candidates

This year, NBPTS is rolling out the new "MOC" which will replace the renewal process from past years.  These candidates will meet once per month, first as a large group, and then in smaller breakout groups with a lead faciliator (who is also maintening their certification). The course HUB has all the information you need to register and prepare for our first class.  

General Information on NBC with Vermont-NEA

Vermont-NEA is the Candidate Support Provider for National Board Certification.  Although this is a voluntary certification, it is a natural continuum of our profession.  Accomplished professional teachers, as evidenced by National Board Certification,  is a growing voice of our profession.  Anyone with questions about National Board Certification should address them to Dr. Juliette Longchamp at [email protected]


NBPTS has a website for board certified teachers and those wishing to become board certified.  

Click here for the Guide to National Board Certification.

For NBPTS resources including videos, handouts, and other important information can be found here.  Below, you will find an informational Prezi and short videos.



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