Vermont-NEA Professional Programs

Vermont-NEA is here to support members in their professional learning and leadership goals.  Contact the Director of Professional Programs at [email protected] for questions pertaining to professional learning opportunities.  All participants will receive professional learning certificates which can be used for relicensure purposes.


Summer 2021 Workshops and Classes


Mentoring and Coaching Educators in Schools

Instructor: Dr. Juliette Longchamp, NBCT - [email protected], 802.734-7053
Deb Killkelley, NBCT
Peter Booth, NBCT
Dates: We are offering four sessions this summer.  We are anticipating in-person training except for one fully remote, however, in-person sessions may go remote if conditions warrant.   
Session 1: June 28th through June 30th:  Hinesburg - In-Person                 
Session 2: July 26th through July 28th:    Bradford - In-Person      
Session 3:  August 9th through August 11th: North Country SU - In-Person
Session 4:  June 25th (Friday), July 23rd (Friday), and August 16th (Monday) - Remote 
For Credit Assignments due November 5th to [email protected]
Limit: 30 people each session
Cost:  $625 per person (includes materials) without credit
    $1000 per person (includes materials) with 3 credits from Castleton
Deadline:  One week before class start date, preferably in order to ensure enough materials. Please contact Juliette Longchamp at [email protected] if you wish to register close to the date of class. 
Register here.
Course Description:  
This course supports teachers in coaching and mentoring roles in schools.  The course will begin with an in-depth view of Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching with a focus on the upcoming new release. Embedded in this work includes a deep focus of the common themes; cultural competence, attention to individual students, student assumption of responsibility, developmental appropriateness, which all lead to Equity.  This day will include new activities from the Danielson Group.  Next, participants will develop a strong understanding of the mentoring and coaching process.  As Lipton and Wellman (2017) state in their book, “Mentoring Matters,” learning-focused mentoring relationships include offering support, creating cognitive challenge and facilitating a professional vision.  These interconnected elements are essential if the purpose of the work is to improve practice and student learning.  Topics discussed and practiced include the benefits to mentoring, the roles of a mentor and coach, coaching and communication skills, adult learning theory, generational differences, the coaching cycle, observing practice and questioning techniques, analyzing student work and coaching conversations.  Participants will demonstrate their coaching and analyzing skills through videoing and reflections, which will be completed in the fall of 2021.   

Summer Peer Review Support!

Vermont-NEA is offering a Peer Review Workshop Series during the summer/fall of 2021.  Those wishing to get a start, or start and finish, your Peer Review Portfolio will have support. Sessions will be roughly weekly on Tuesdays, and will go into October.  Each will be recorded to account for summer schedules.  The dates are:  6/22, 6/29, 7/6, 7/21, 8/10, 8/17 all at 9-11am; 8/31, 9/28, 10/5 at 7-9pm. Please click here to register, see the agenda for each class, and access resources.  If you have any questions, please contact Juliette Longchamp at [email protected]

Classroom Management for Student Success

Facilitators:  Dr. Juliette Longchamp, NBCT and Colleen Cowell

Course Description:

This course presents best practices in classroom and behavior management - from organizing time, materials, and classroom space to strategies for managing individual and large group student behaviors, for building relationships with students, providing strategies to help create a positive community and creating a classroom environment that enhances student learning. The general purpose of this course is to strengthen teachers’ understanding of the relationships among classroom environment, classroom behavior, and learning. In the context of this course, you will learn essential principles and theories of classroom motivation and management to prepare you to develop a comprehensive classroom management program of your own.  You will gain understanding of how to create learning communities where everyone feels safe, accepted and respected.

This class will run one-week and will include 2 1/2 hours of synchronous instruction each day that will utilize online tools to strengthen a teacher’s understanding of online engagement tools.  Additionally, participants will have daily reading and reflection questions using the main text below and additional readings.  The final paper for class will be a well thought-out and comprehensive classroom management plan that will give each participant a clear vision for their work when they start school in late August.

Registration will occur through Castleton University for this class.  Register here. 

Professional Boundaries and Ethics for Educators

This popular Vermont-NEA workshop explores professional boundaries educators need in order to achieve the environment that promotes the strongest student learning.  Vermont-NEA staff will discuss boundaries in three categories:  Physical, Emotional, and Knowledge.  Additionally, they will address laws pertinent to educators such as mandatory reporting, FERPA, and restraint laws.  Embedded in this workshop are scenarios for participants to analyze and discuss, applying what they have learned.  Active questioning and discussion is encouraged throughout this session!  Facilitator:  Juliette Longchamp

Date:  June 21, 2021
Location:  ONLINE

Time:  9:00-11:00 am

Cost:  Vermont-NEA Members - Free
Register here.


Dave Melnick Webinar Series:

We were pleased to present a series with Dave Melnick examining stress, trauma and resiliency in both educators and students.  If you were unable to attend, or would like to review the webinars as you plan for your schools, each webinar and materials are found below.

May 5th Webinar and Materials can be found here.

May 20th Webinar and Materials can be found here.

June 3rd Webinar and Materials can be found here.

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COVID-19 Resources

K-2 Remote Learning Webinar

Independent Learning through NEA Micro-Credentials

NEA has entered the micro-credential world, rolling out Micro-Credentials in many interesting topics.  To look at the offerings, start an account at   Vermont-NEA will provide PD Certificates for each microcredential when you have successfully completed them.  Each micro-credential should take approximately 15 hours, however, this depends on the background knowledge each participant has on the subject.  Visit the Micro-credential page for more information here.

NEA Academy

NEA Academy offers many free and low cost professional learning in a variety of areas.


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