Student Learning Objectives, or SLOs, are utilized in many states as part of the Teacher Evaluation Process.  Back in 2014, Vermont-NEA was part of a 9-state grant from NEA's Center for Great Public Schools, to train educators to utilize SLOs as a way to shoe measured progress of student learning.  Vermont never required SLOs as part of the Teacher Evaluation process, but it was discussed and a template developed.  Since this time, Vermont educators have been engaged in this work and has found the perfect "home" for the SLO process.....our team/PLCs!  The process allows a group of educators to focus on one goal for student learning and create a year-long discussion around this goal.    This year, eight "Team Leaders" are completing a group SLO as part of their Team/PLC Group.  They will select a goal(s), determine the level of proficiency of each studnet at the beginning of the instructional period (usually a year), set goals for student achievement, collaborate through the year on instructional strategies, assessment(s), equity, and end the year with a final determination of student growth and reflect on the year.  Below are some of the templates in use this year.  Come back in the summer of 2018 to download the Vermont SLO Manual for SLO Collaboration. 

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