For the 18th straight year, Vermont-NEA, in collaboration with the Vermont State Teachers’ Retirement System and NEA Member Benefits, is sponsoring free, intensive, and informative workshops on how you can plan for your retirement. Seminars are open only to Vermont-NEA members. Note: These seminars are designed for those in the Vermont State Teachers' Retirement System.

This year, the workshops will be strictly virtual. They will fill up fast, usually within a week or two after registration opens, so don't delay in reserving your spot!  All sessions run from 4:00 - 6:00 p.m.

Below are eight upcoming seminar dates, followed by the registration link for each date.

January 21, 2021:

January 28, 2021:

February 3, 2021:

February 11, 2021:

February 17, 2021:

March 4, 2021:

March 11, 2021: (date canceled)

March 18, 2021:

March 31, 2021:


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