We Say ‘NO’ to Higher Costs and Reduced Benefits

Treasurer Beth Pearce has formally released her office’s recommendations for the Vermont State Teachers’ Retirement System, and the news isn’t good. Her proposals seek to hike teacher contributions, lower the benefit, and cease all cost of living adjustments for active teachers upon retirement.

Your board of directors has made it crystal clear that lawmakers, the governor and the treasurer must not look to teachers’ pockets to address the pension’s funding issues. In fact, the wealthiest among us have done extraordinarily well both before and during the pandemic, and it’s time for them to pay their fair share. We also know that the state expects a continued infusion of money from Washington, as well as an influx of new tax revenue.

On this page, we will continue to provide information and opportunities to join in the fight to protect our pension.

VT-NEA President Don Tinney addresses proposed pension cuts and next steps.

COMING SOON: Answers to Your Pension Questions

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