Fall 2019 Mini-Grant Application - Click Here.


Each Fall, Vermont-NEA offers teachers grants of up to $500 for creative and useful initiatives in your own classroom or school, to improve student learning through projects focused on one of the following areas:

I.  Student Achievement:  (Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment)  This year, we are encouraging grants that support the integration of Common Core State Standards or Next Generation Science Standards in your classroom.  However, we certainly do not want to discourage those with other creative and useful grant proposals.  

II.   Association Member Well-Being (School Environment)

III.  Active Membership (Effective Communications)

IV.  Public Support (Community Connections)

Proposal Guidelines:

1.  You must be a Vermont-NEA member to apply for the mini-grant, to receive the funds, and during implementation of the project.  If your project is a team effort, you must all be and remain members of Vermont-NEA.  These mini-grants are available to all Vermont-NEA members - teachers and education support professionals.

2.  Write your proposal by answering the questions on this form.  Only online proposals will be accepted.  It is suggested to type up the answers to each question in Word and copy and paste each answer into this form.

3.  The deadline for application is October 15, 2019 for the Fall grant cycle.  If we do not award the all the funds, we will hold a spring cycle.

Selection Criteria:

The following criteria, where applicable, will be used during the selection process:

a. Impacts student learning
b. Addresses student/school/community needs
c. Is creative and innovative
d. States measurable, achievable goals
e. Describes activities that are directly related to the objectives
f. Evaluation is clear and concise
g. Budget is realistic and appropriate
h. Description summarizes the proposal

Click here to access the online proposal form.

Please call Erin Green at 802-224-2411 or email [email protected] if you have any questions.

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