State’s Largest Union Recommends Hallquist for Governor

Vermont-NEA Board Affirms Candidate’s Support for Schools, Communities, Students

MONTPELIER – The board of the state’s largest union voted unanimously to recommend Christine Hallquist for governor, saying she will forge a better path for schools, communities, and children.

“Listening to Christine, it is clear that she has a vision for a civilized Vermont,” said Don Tinney, a high school English teacher who serves as president of Vermont-NEA. “It’s a vision where we adequately fund our public schools; where we provide opportunities for all Vermonters; and where we focus on lifting up all Vermonters, no matter where they live.”

Vermont-NEA is the first union to throw its support behind Hallquist.

Hallquist, who addressed the board over the weekend, talked about her commitment to making the way we fund public education fairer, and endorsed the notion of moving from a residential property tax to an income-based education funding formula that ensures that we fund our schools based on Vermonters' ability to pay. She also told the board of her focus on rural communities, on increasing the availability of broadband services, and on ensuring that Vermonters on the bottom of the economic ladder are given opportunities to thrive.

"The Vermont that I know and love supports its teachers, students, and families. I know how important it is that we take pride in supporting our schools and that we ensure all Vermonters have access to a living wage, health care, and the services needed to support their families. As a parent of three wonderful children who were educated by Vermont's amazing public-school system, the support of Vermont-NEA is especially important to me and I look forward to working with other parents, teachers, school boards, and community members as Governor," said Hallquist.

Tinney said he looked forward to a governor who looks at public education as crucial, and not just as a place to slash programs and layoff thousands of educators. “We need to do right by our kids, our schools, and our communities,” Tinney said. “Christine will be a governor who will do just that.”

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