Whether you teach in a classroom or prepare nutritious meals for students, we want you to have a workplace that allows you to do the job you were hired to do as best as you can. As your union, we value and help you protect and improve your working conditions. We also want you to be up-to-date with the latest developments at Vermont-NEA, NEA, and state and national officials that could affect how you do your job.

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BREAKING: President Tinney on Closure of Schools for Academic Year

Dear fellow members, A short while ago, Gov. Phil Scott ordered the closure of Vermont schools for the remainder of the school year. While we are disappointed and saddened, we understand the fierce urgency of maintaining the health and safety of ...

President Tinney: Remember to Stay Safe as We Help Each Other - and Our Communities

Dear fellow members, It’s hard to believe it’s only been a week since our schools began to close to students. Through it all, I have been at times overwhelmed, worried, and frustrated. But you know what? I’m also feeling proud, grateful, and not-...

BREAKING: Ed Secretary Says Educators Anxious About Safety May Remain Home

Dear Fellow Vermont-NEA Members, Thank you for your hard work in recent days as you have prepared for the prolonged dismissal of your students. Every community in our beloved state is experiencing fear and anxiety as we face this COVID-19 crisis....

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